Reggaebus Festival

The ReggaeBus is a project that was born in 2009. The mission Was to create a different and innovative concept around the reggae-dub music. This project materialized Buying a old bus,
it served as a Mobile stage for artists and DJ's. After having taken place in several musical events as a guest, The collective decides to organize their own events.
From 2011, The collective was constituted in ASBL (Muzik4All) and organizes A Festival in Belgium each year. After three editions, It has become a must for more than 5000 people.
The reggaebus team organizes several annual events called "Reggaebus Night", they also have their own sound system. They take care of, among other things, the dub corner scene for "dour festival" and "no name" festival.

Reggaebus History


04/09 tour de samme festival brussels
11/09 uzine festival charleroi
15-19/07 dour festival dub corner
31/12 fckin nye brussels


11/03 osijek
12/03 zagreb
14/03 ljublajana
18/03 budapest
19/03 cracovia
25/03 jablonec
26/03 klagenfurt
01/04 jihlava
02/04 wroclaw
08/04 berlin
16/04 dijon protect the dub
20/04 LLN welcome spring festival
29-30/04 incourt inc-rock festival
14/05 maastricht reggae heartbeat festival
07/05 vk brussels mt jah observer
14-19/07 dour festival dub corner
08/07 summer mons festival
11/09 uzine festival charleroi
31/12 fckin nye brussels


To come :

-01/04 uzine spring edition
-29,30/07 no name
-12-17/07 dour festival
... and more soon

Reggaebus Sound System

Booking Reggaebus Sound System : reggaebus@live.be



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